Stag Parties

The choice is yours. You could spend the whole Stag drinking…or you could work up a thirst first!

Why not kick the party off with a blood-pumping, adrenaline-flowing bout in the boxing ring? I'm sure everyone in the Stag Party would love to have a little session with the groom or best man. Well we can organise this for you.

We will teach you as a team, everything you need to know for a safe, controlled, sparring session with the soon to be married, man of the group. You will get a boxing workout were you will hit speed balls, punch bags and set your aim at focus pads and then finish off in the ring with the groom.


  • Correct Stance
  • Guard
  • Foot Work
  • Movement
  • Boxer's Style Skipping
  • Focus Pad Combinations
  • Speed Ball Work
  • Bag Work
  • 15 Minutes Boxers Fitness Circuit

You're now ready for the Ring!

You get to show everyone in the group what you’ve learned by stepping under the ropes into the ring and have a run round with your trainer.

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