Hen Parties

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience (we hope) and so by default the same goes for a good Hen Party.

Be it a weekend, a day or just an evening with the girls – you want it to be a one-off, memorable experience.

For this special occasion, pampering and pedicures are passé – save them for the big day. This is the day to do something different – something you might not have thought of doing before. Something that will bond you and your girls and set the tone for an energetic Hen Party!

We run 2-hour boxing workshops for all the Hens out there.

You will learn as a group how to move, think and act like a Lady Boxer. Once we've taught you the basics you will have a little boxing workout were you would hit speedballs, punch bags and set your aim at focus pads (just think of all your exes!). Once you've got into your groove, you get to beat your coaches up in the ring to finish.

A fantastic, guilt-free way to start your big night out!


  • Correct Stance
  • Guard
  • Foot Work
  • Movement
  • Boxer's Style Skipping
  • Focus Pad Combinations
  • Speed Ball Work
  • Bag Work
  • 15 Minutes Boxers Fitness Circuit

You're now ready for the Ring!

You get to show everyone in the group what you’ve learned by stepping under the ropes into the ring and have a run round with your trainer.

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