Private Boxing Sessions for Schools, Colleges or Universitys

School boxing sessions

Meeting the needs of the national curriculum and providing each child with sufficient PE is just one of the many challenges faced by schools today.

Non-contact boxing is an ideal way to develop a child's motor skills, balance, strength and stamina and at the same time their visual, listening and hand to eye coordination. But above all, non-contact boxing is all about discipline.

Under the strict supervision of some of London's elite fitness and boxing trainers each session will put the children through their paces in a pulse-raising warm-up, teach them the boxing basics of balance, movement, striking skills and defences. We will then supervise the class on some pad work – children love it.

For schools that want to incorporate an awards system we also run the ABEA Boxing Awards for Schools. For each award completed, the child will receive a certificate, which can be presented in assembly or at the end of a boxing session.

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